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Smile Bytch - Lil Duval Inspire Multi Smile Face | Composition Notebook

Smile Bytch - Lil Duval Inspire Multi Smile Face | Composition Notebook

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Some days better than others? But every day we can be thankful and smile.

Do you have good days and bad days. Well good news is we all do, but that does mean we all can't use a better help at figuring out why. Get this Composition notebook here to remind you that even a faint smile is better than a heavy frown. 

Several days  can be trying but only you know how much trying can lead to being. So feel the mood your in, accept in, then smile through it all. No one telling you how to feel but the smile you put on for yourself through it all is the most important one to keep. 

Studies show that our mood varies according to our daily stimuli.

Most people think that our moods change are random but this is not the truth.

Get your smile on and SMILE BYTCH! just like Duvall said. 

This allows you to better track your weekly, daily, or even hourly moods. Track as close as you see fit. You have 120 pages to get a better chance at improving your mental health. The best Mood Keeper for you.

The Bad Mood And Good Mood Daily Mood Composition Notebook Tracker is here to help you and guide you to whatever state you wish to be.
 Just log, learn, and enjoy this special edition Blue and Black Mood keeper.

*** Please Note This Book is PAPERBACK NOT SPIRAL BOUND ***

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