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One Lift Each To A Better Peach A Fast Weight Loss - Journal For Women

One Lift Each To A Better Peach A Fast Weight Loss - Journal For Women

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Give it a shot, you will gush over the results! It's the Easiest Way To Log and get results. Scientifically proven as it adds an additional layer of focus. Get that Peach. Get each cheek. One lift each toa better peach. 

Keep tabs of what your meals are, keep logs of your workouts,create better choices and surpass all of your fitness goals.

You are the G.O.A.T even before you start this journey. This journal is just going to help log what others did not know you had in you. As you go down this journey you are going to see the inner you jump out and shine. Yes, you’ll have moments that might not feel like the best you but, please know that all of you, is the best you! So with the good comes the bad, SO LET’S JUST LET THAT GOOD SHINE THROUGH. It only takes a few days of dedicated training and eating then you’ll start to see the results. We know you’ll keep going to continue to get the result to last a lifetime. A new you awaits to come out of its shell so let’s get crackin’. Let’s lift and get that peachy you, you’ve always dreamed of.

This journal is jam-packed with 120 pages of progress logging goodness. You can track your meals and journal the outcomes so you can see where you get your best results. Most people fail to realize that they often lose momentum not due to change but due to lack of logging. Some days you thought you did more, when in fact you did less, that’s okay! You just want to copy the good and repeat until you get to your destination.


  • Fitness Calendar
  • Progress log
  • 7 - Day Fitness Log
  • 30 Day Challenge Tracker
  • Weight Loss Log
  • Complete Measurement log
  • Progress Checker

Daily Journal Pages – Which contain:

  • Meal Log
  • Work Out Log
  • Meal Planner
  • Water Intake log
  • Rest Log
  • Caffeine Log
  • Mood Log tabs
  • Room for Goal Journaling, Inspirational Quotes, Supplement Notes, Personal Notes,

It’s our aspirations that you find the motivation to a life of prosperous health and tranquility. Diet and Exercise are at the sight of true life’s change and taking control of what you desire. This is the time as there’s no time like the present. We have taken the time to provide some of what we believe is the best way to get on track to your goals from our own knowledge and fitness experts. Don’t forget to acknowledge your progress. You are worth it, no matter what the outcome.


To the journey!


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