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Are you looking to reach some goals? Maybe even some fitness body goals? Well you might be surprised to learn how effective strengthening your mental mindset can be to reach that dream look. 

Do you want to know the best ways to stay motivated?

Or even better: How Does it work hand-in-hand with your fitness goals?

Well, I'm glad you asked. Statistics show Motivation, specifically Self Esteem can reduce procrastination by 21% which has been frequently correlated to the direct keys to success in the realm of meeting goals. 

Finding that extra push can make all the difference, whether you're a seasoned gym goer or you're just starting out on your fitness adventure. (cotinues below)

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Motivational gym quotes can be useful in this situation. 50 inspiring, funny, and cute quotations that will not only motivate you but also keep you interested and committed to your fitness goals have been compiled by us.
50 - Sweat, Lift, Eat, Repeat
49 - Hydrate like a champion
48 - Keep calm and lift on
47 - Stronger with every sip
46 - Refuel your fitness fire
45 - Water: your workout's best friend
44 - Earn your gulp
43 - This is Where I Lift
42 - Don't stop, just sip
41 - Your body, your temple, your rules
40 - Hustle for that muscle
39 - Drink up, power up
38 - Sweat, hydrate, repeat

These are some of the best fitness and grinding motivations voted on by our staff and internet enthusiasts.
The list only gets better. We have a bit over 30 more to rank and we'd love to know if this list is something you would agree on. One of the key rules was that these quotes had to be short and sweet.
37 - Stay thirsty for success
36 - Hydrate like you mean it
35 - Water is the ultimate pick-me-up
34 - Your body, your choice, your results
33 - Water: The Original Performance Enhancer
32 - Sip by sip, step by step
31 - Workout Water Repeat
30 - Fuel your grind with water
29 - Stay focused, stay hydrated
28 - Sweat is sexy
27 - Water: The Elixir Of Life
26 - Your sweat is your body's applause
25 - Hydrate like it's your job

Sweat Is Sexy

Motivation is key. Let's get this placed in our life. 

Now that we are at the halfway point it looks like we need to keep the motivation going. It’s kind of like being in the middle of a workout, a workout that you didn’t really want to do and somehow you still didn’t get the endorphin kick. 

Well at this point it’s where we need to dig deep.

So I am going to share some longer motivational quotes that go agianst the basis for these chosing of the top 50 motiviational quotes. I want to share these because they have worked well to motivate me in varied points of life.

While these are not necessarily gym quotes I find the value of them very helpful. I share this in hopes of adding even more value, even beyond your expectations. I have a bonus quote at the bottom of the list as well. So look forward to that. Let's look at this first one now.

 “Change your thoughts, and you change your world.”—
Couple In Love At Sunset
A Couple Strolls Down A Fall Path
I believe this to be such a true statement. Life has so many points and we are going to have so many great moments in life. If you keep a positive vibe and positive affirmations in  your thoughts you’ll increase your odds for something great to happen. Keep this in mind as you travel through your day to day even when things are going well. You just want to keep that flow.

This second quote that is very guiding is another outlook of life to take but more of the journey. We have to embrace the ups and downs on our way to our goals even if it requires putting up one more set or one more rep. Take a look at it now...

Setup A Gym There

Keep motivated even when you at your Home Gym

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Flex Friday

Stay confident everyday on your journey
I initially started out by saying and thinking, that these quotes might not have a gym context but truly, it applies so well.

 "Success is a journey not a destination." 

If you can  remember to love yourself even  as you are healing or transforming into a new person, then the life you dream of is waiting for you. I think we have to take the time to truly look at the process as something to live even if we do not enjoy the moment in the exact ways we expected. Continue on  your journey to find your success and the destination shall find its way to you with the light and beauty that you desire.

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Serotonin Sarah Toning Text

This is such a great way to drink to your goals or place it anywhere you need that extra bit of support. 

Now this final quote is truly one of my favorites, and might be my favorite. It actually comes from a famous Honey loving cartoon bear. I think that this final piece of motivation is more or less of endearment. It helps to cherish those you meet while on  your journey. 

Best Life Big Price

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Eat Clean Train Mean 2

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“I think we dream so we don't have to be apart for so long. If we're in each other's dreams, we can be together all the time.”

Woman Sleeps Soundly With A Mask Over Her Eyes
Person Reaches A Helping Hand Towards The Camera
This is one of my favorite quotes of all time. This really helps with periods of changing cycles and loss of connections. We must keep in mind that your dreams are meant to come true and that you are here to reach for them. We also need to remain connected with those we might be dreaming for.

This quote has placed me at ease plenty of times breaking the feeling of sleepless nights. Remember that we can control how people flow in and out of our lives. Keep those who are close to ,  connected to you at all times, one way or another. So when you feel like you need more motivation that you are able to reach for your goals. Keep your dreams in mind as a way to remain connected with others. I think of this when I am in need and require times of comfort. I think of this quote knowing our dreams are here for a reason

Okay, I hope that was a good extra piece of supportive content. Now let’s get back to the top 25 Motivational Quotes.
24 - Chug, sweat, conquer
23 - Hydrate to dominate
22 - Water: the drink of champions
21 - Strong today, stronger tomorrow
20 - Sip and seize the day
19 - Drink, hydrate, conquer
18 - You vs You: Hydration is key

17 - Fuel your body, fuel your soul
16 - Lift Heavy Live Light
15 - Chase goals, not excuses
14 - Hydration: the secret to success
13 - Sweat today, sparkle tomorrow
12 - Water: your gym buddy
11 - Workout warriors need water warriors

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Sore Today Strong Tomorrow Jane

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10 - Sweat, Smile, Succeed
9 - Conquer your thirst, conquer your workout
8 -  Queens Don't Quit; They Conquer Their Goals
7 - Workout Like Nobody Is Watching
6 - You're stronger than you think
5 - Hydrate like a Boss Babe
4 - Stronger With Every Rep closer with every step 

3 - Sweat Like a Queen Shine Like A Diamond
2 - Your Body Is A Wonderland! Make them wait in line for chance at admission
1 - This is Where I Lift

These quotes are powerful tools that can help you achieve actual results in your fitness quest; they are not just empty platitudes. Why these inspirational quotations for the gym could be your key to success is as follows:

This Is Where I Lift

Establish where you lift and gain some privacy without having to speak. 
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Sweat Smile Succeed

Let them know your habits
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3 - Sweat Like a Queen Shine Like A Diamond

2 - Your Body Is A Wonderland! Make them wait in line for chance at admission

1 - This is Where I Lift

If this has inspired you take look at our full list of quotes through out our website. WE want to Continue to isnpire and empower. Let us know if we missed anything or how we can help you.

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