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The Rollercoaster of Fitness: Starting Strong, Fading Fast |

The Rollercoaster of Fitness: Starting Strong, Fading Fast | Where should I start my fitness journey?

Starting a journey toward fitness can be thrilling. Anyone's passion can be sparked by the prospect of living a better, more active life and developing a lean body. You begin with passion and post updates about your progress on social media, but with time, that early fire may fade and you may begin to feel dejected. This article will look at the typical occurrence of starting an exercise plan enthusiastically, bragging about your successes, and then losing motivation.
So I’m sure you want the answer of where should I start my fitness journey? Let’s take a look at that now.


The Spark of Enthusiasm

A strong desire for change is frequently what motivates people to start a fitness journey. You begin a new exercise regimen, join a gym, or pick up a sport with great enthusiasm. The initial weeks are characterized by extraordinary vigor and tenacity. You anxiously post on social media about your training regimens, accomplishments, and even sweaty gym selfies to get likes and positive feedback from friends and followers.

Still where do you start? Where the biggest place to start here is with the quick 3. This has been a fitness secret for years and no one likes to share this too often. Well we’re here to lift this lid and change it now. The quick 3 consists of doing these 3 exercises literally right now.

So, as we move forward with this post, I want you to do three things. Stop reading this article and perform 3 push-ups, 3 minutes of stationary running, and 3 minutes of stretches instead. Modifications to this are acceptable. Make any necessary adjustments if your health requires them. For instance, if a full push up is too taxing, perform push ups from your knees instead. Alternatively, if you have joint or mobility problems and are unable to stand up because of restrictions, you can modify it by gently running in your chair. If you don't have any of them, try your best to follow the guidelines for mild exercise and squeeze in a quick workout.

Move ahead. Do it now. I will then see you in five to ten minutes.

You're still here, so go ahead and take care of this and come back when it's over.

Let's start now!



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