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Workout Routine Time - Are You Bucked Up Woke AF Preworkout Or Gorilla Mode Pre Workout Ready

It's that time again. 

Beginning of the Year Workout Time. Time to break your hibernation and get Bucked Up AF with your Preworkout or even hit straight Gorilla Mode Preworkout ready. The truth is, no matter what you do you workout routine is going to be key. 

The nutrition plan is your bread and butter and you preworkout is your icing on the cake of getting it done. Okay, this is a bit over the top but in all honesty it's true.

Your success doesn't necessarily start in the gym. Most of it happens outside of it and very few people truly realize it. Timed eating is the best workout routine followed by exact dialed in intake. I'll tell you what another fitness figure athlete helped wrap my head around. You have to feed you muscles, right now you are feeding every thing. As funny as it sounds, this little statement was the mind shift i needed. This lead me to understanding Creatine Chemical Compound and analyzing my pumps from pre workouts. Pre workouts such as Bucked Up Woke AF Preworkout, Dark Energy, Gorilla Mode Pre Workout, Ryse Pre workout, 
Alani pre workout all started flooding my attention as they were quickly becoming the hottest pre workouts at the time.




As things continued I slid further down the rabbit hole and went from searching up the best home workout, workout plan, ab workout, chest workout, workout routine, 12 3 30 Workout, to all the way down the rabbit hole of the hula hoop workout. In the end I learned that even with a gym workout or workout at home, you have to be the catalyst to make it worth it. 


We'll be getting into all of these of the next few months so stay tuned to learn what you should be doing next. 

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